BSP Labels have been advising and supplying specialist labels to chemical companies for many years. With Specialising in chemical labelling BSP Labels have an enormous amount of knowledge and can advise on the most appropriate labelling product for the application required.

BSP keep up to date with any changes of any legislation and will advise accordingly. We are currently advising our clients new and current to check their HazChem requirements and ensure they adhere to the NEW CLP Symbols introduced in 2009, replacing the current CHIP classification. The EU states that all changes in labelling and packaging need to be in place by 1 June 2015

Do you have any products showing these symbols?

If YES, by 1 June 2015 they need to be changed to comply with new regulations and replaced with these symbols

We are fully compliant with the new regulations and can offer a smooth, stress free transition from the old to the new system. For further information and to review the HSE guidelines please CLICK HERE

  • Labels manufactured to BS560 are intended primarily for marine shipment, but will satisfy any purpose requiring an extremely durable label.
  • Our processes for manufacturing labels comply with every part of the BS5609 and its label components.*
  • We will guarantee complete compliance with the Standard and will provide you with a copy of the test certificate for your records.**

*Conditions apply

**Costs may apply

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