Latest BSP Label News

Latest BSP Label News

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BSP Labels are in the news

BSP Labels have recently been featured in the press. Find us in Warehouse & Logistic News , Best Practice: issue 612, page 4 and online at Channel Info

Quality Matters

We are pleased to announce we have officially been awarded Supplier Strategic Partnership Status for Molecular Products, recognition we are extremely proud of especially as Molecular have only awarded this accolade to three suppliers. Molecular set very strict, stringent guidelines for their suppliers to meet which BSP Labels have taken on board and continuously achieve each month. Peter Hannen, Materials Manager, Molecular Products Ltd said “The Molecular Products Ltd award of Supplier Strategic Partnership Status to BSP Labels Ltd is truly well deserved. BSP have been operating at a significantly high customer service level, sustainably, for the last year, which solidifies the strong relationship we have been building over the last 19 years. This award recognises the fact that BSP are a “low maintenance” supplier who have achieved an MPL Monthly Scorecard result of > 98% consistently over an on-going period. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the BSP team for their efforts in making doing business together a positive experience”.

This achievement recognises the businesses continued support, effort, hard work, dedication and tenacity of all the team at BSP Labels while working with Molecular, which is also something we aim to achieve with all our clients.

BSP Labels March newsletter

BSP Labels March newsletter was recently sent to all our customers. If you would like to view our current newsletter please click here.

BSP Labels supports EACH (East Anglia's Children Hospice)

BSP is proud to be supporting EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices) as our Charity of the Year and a charity that is close to our hearts. We will be organising a number of fund-raising events as well as providing our services where possible, to support this wonderful charity and the work it undertakes.

EACH supports families and cares for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. Care can be delivered at the family’s local hospice, at home or in the community. EACH has a total of three hospices across East Anglia, in Ipswich, Milton and Quidenham. EACH provides care and support through a variety of services tailored to suit the requirements of children, young people and their families and include physical, emotional, social and spiritual support.

Madeleine Heath, South Cambridgeshire and Uttlesford Fundraiser for EACH, said: “We are thrilled that BSP Labels have chosen to support EACH for 2015. The support they plan to offer will be invaluable to the charity, and we are very excited to work with the team and support them with their fundraising!”

For direct information, forth coming events or to offer support to EACH direct visit and for news of upcoming BSP charitable events and fund-raising visit


Customer Testimonial

We have recently asked our lovely customers to send through testimonials for us to use on the website. This is one we received.

“We have been using BSP to produce specialist dispensing labels for the past 10 years. I was very pleasantly surprised that they took on the challenge, as other companies weren’t able to produce them to the precise specification and quality that we need. We take a pallet load of labels every month and have never had a problem with quality or supply. I have nothing but praise for BSP and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Jon Hewitt, Managing Director, Teleos

BSP Labels September newsletter

BSP Labels recently distributed their first customer newsletter. We aim to send regular newsletters informing our customers of developments at BSP Labels and also within the labelling sector.

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Are You Compliant with the New Chemical Label Legislation?

On 20 January 2009 a new European regulation was introduced for classification, labelling and packaging of all chemical substances and mixtures.

The new CLP regulation was agreed and designed to replace the current CHIP system for Chemical Classification and has been introduced gradually over a period of time and is required to be fully in place by 1 June 2015. The new CLP regulation sees a change in some classification rules and the introduction of a new set of pictograms, it is therefore prudent for any business to check the changes and ensure they are compliant with those changes.

If you think this may affect you and your business but are yet to implement any changes, don’t panic, there is still time to address the issue. Any changes in law and legislation can be a minefield and help on these matters is always welcomed. BSP Labels can help you and your business to update current branding and product labels to comply with the new legislation. We are fully compliant with the new regulations and can offer a smooth, stress free transition from the old to the new system.

To understand fully the changes required, please take a look at the Health and Safety Executive website. This will explain in full details the requirements that need to be met:

The new pictograms are also available to view here

What does it mean to be ISO 9001 accredited?

Quality management, client satisfaction and customer service are the biggest challenge and necessity in any service driven business. Which is why when choosing a service provider, being ISO 9001 accredited should be top of everyone’s check list!

Securing an ISO9001 accreditation means the business has adopted and meet internal quality management procedures that can be undertaken by any organisation regardless of size or industry and is relevant to any feature of a product or service required by the customer.

BSP Labels Ltd have been accredited since 19xx and over the years have benefited from having an established business framework to effectively manufacture around whilst providing the business with traceability delivering an analysis for any errors or non-conformities.

John Attaway, Production Director said, “Being an ISO 9001 accredited business has proved successful both internally with our working procedures, frameworks and traceability in production as well as externally, enhancing our status with potential and existing clients. This has been even more evident over recent years, especially during the credit crunch, with potential clients expecting businesses to meet a certain quality level. I am proud of our achievements and being ISO 9001 accredited, it has certainly helped us focus the business and ensure we retain our loyal client base as well as move forward and win new business”.

An ISO 9001 accredited business is a quality lead business. To find out more about ISO9001 visit Bureauveritas

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